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Plumbing Service Company

At Sun Boys Plumbing we consider ourselves more than just your local tradie and go over and above to not only repair any faults but to guide your future needs.

Plumbing Service & Repair

Our team thrives on offering you exceptional plumbing services and recognize the importance of entering into a partnership to understand and meet your needs.

We are family-oriented, local certified professions who ensure that you are not inconvenienced by long delays for repairs or installations on essential services. We offer a 24-hour emergency service that you can count on.

Quality Standards in Plumbing

Whether you have blocked drains, a leaking tap, need shower repairs or having problems with the most sacred seat in the house, our team offers the highest quality of service. Sun Boys Plumbing is staffed by multi-skilled tradesmen who set the standard when compared with other plumbing companies.

Customer Service Leaders

We pride ourselves in leading outstanding customer care by demonstrating a genuine interest in your needs, being able to analyse unseen faults, being authentic and respectful in all our interactions and working around your schedule. Hopefully, we bring a little bit of sunshine into the dreary world of leaking pipes and blocked toilets.

Best Practice

Whether you need a small repair or are embarking on renovations our certified plumbers will ensure that they offer the right advice and provide the quality work first time around. At Sun Boys Plumbing we use the best materials and products so that the plumbing lasts.

Our team is also happy to answer any questions you have about your plumbing needs and can offer a seasonal safety check to prevent emergencies and breakdowns.

Environmentally Friendly

Aside from valuing our customers, at Sun Boys Plumbing we value the environment and strive to do our bit to preserve our resources. We can detect unseen leaks and broken water pipes and can offer a whole host of water-saving devices.

Just ask our friendly service person and they will share some tips of the trade which will save you money and save our valuable resources.


Our Master plumbers service residential and small domestic jobs, help with your bathroom or kitchen renovations through to large scale industrial jobs. We aim to not only repair but add to your home or business by making the essential services more efficient and sustainable. We provide for example:

  • leaks and blockages
  • toilet and shower repairs
  •  Hot water service repairs or replacement
  •  Tap repairs

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