Solar Heating System

Solar water heating is the process in which sunlight is collected using solar thermal collectors and converted into renewable energy for water heating. Solar hot water systems are built using various technologies and its volume of use is growing worldwide. According to some sources, the first collector was built around 1900 in the United States, and was made from a tank painted in black, which was then mounted on a rooftop.

Since then, its volume of use has rapidly grown on a global scale, with the whole world jumping on reaping the benefits of solar hot water systems. In 1960, the technology started spreading to Japan and Australia. Latest technical innovations have resulted in improved performance, life and ease of use of solar hot water systems.

While there are many different ways to heat water, solar hot water systems can significantly reduce your overall energy costs and give you a highly efficient and environment-friendly solution.

At Sunboys Plumbing, we install a wide range of brands and systems, with either gas or electric boost, depending on your needs. We also provide you with detailed and up-to-date information about different government rebates.

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